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Local Seed Businesses

The ISSD Uganda programme is working with 30 local seed businesses (LSBs) to produce quality seed of locally adapted crops and varieties for local markets.

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Multi Stakeholder Processes

The ISSD Uganda programme bases its four priority areas on discussions with key stakeholders in the seed sector, both public and private.

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Innovative Projects

Currently ISSD Uganda is working in multi stakeholder processes on 4 innovation projects on the topics of quality assurance of seed, reducing counterfeit seed, improving access to groundnut foundation seed and improving uptake of quality seed by farmers.

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ISSD Guiding Priniples

ISSD's guiding principles include fostering pluralism and building programs on diversity of seed systems; working according to the structure of the seed value chain; promoting entrepreneurship and market orientation; recognizing the relevance of informal seed systems; facilitating interactions between informal and formal seed system; recognizing complementary roles of the public and private sector; supporting enabling and evolving policies for a dynamic sector and promoting evidence based seed sector innovation

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ISSD Uganda plans to increase the number of LSB from the current 30 to 100, through an out-scaling strategy involving partnerships with other organizations. The rationale and importance of the LSD out-scaling programme is to sustainably increase the geographic outreach, engage in more crops and varieties, as well as involve different type of farmer groups.

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